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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

....:::selepas setahun:::...

hello my dear friends..

it has been near to 1 year 

i didn't touch this blog

😢😢sedang membawa hati yg lara😢😢

sebenarnya..takde pape utk dikongsikan pon dlm 1 thn ni

byk kisah sedih je 

xpe la...

ujian dtg menduga semua ada hikmah

orang dtg dan pergi dr hidup pon byk ajar erti kehidupan

tp satu

keredhaan dr hati xde siapa yg tahu...

semoga bahagia 


Saturday, September 27, 2014

...:::Holiday in Medan:::...

Hi guys!!!!

Just want to share my short trip to medan

Me and my friends went there from 8th-11th Sept. 2014

Our flight was on 745am..early in the morning

Because of the time different we reach in Medan around 730am..

Their time is one hour late from us

At first its a bit awkward...but we just go with the flow

Owh before that..make sure convert ur money in malaysia..

Me convert around rm837 equal to rp3million..

Let's begin outr journey

Medan---|> Berastagi----|> Parapat, Lake Toba---|> Medan

Don't talk too much..let's see what we got there

snap pict. at ermmm... Medan Plaza before heading to Berastagi.. just few hours arrived in Medan. We lepak chills dulu...that time...i had a bad headache!!! but...eat still come first...huhuh..we ate J.Co yogurt ice cream i bet..nyummmmm3x

v(+_+) peace yoooooo~

Tadaaaaaaaaa~ reach for our 1st hotel in Berastagi. Around 2 Hours journey from the city.

our room for 1st night in Berastagi

~the dinner~
Berastagi is a highland. A bit cool..and another cool things is...Berastagi is known with  volcanos, Sibayak and Sinabung.

Sinabung just erupt around July-August 2014.

at night we went for bath in hotspring from Sinabung heat. It was so hot!!

Not sure how many pool they have, but its totally awesome

No pictures since all of us enjoy it so much

but then..the side effect is our cloth smell weird..

the smell of sulfur...urghhhhh! until now still got eventhough i washed it several time using softlan and what so ever laaaa...

ok..next day we start our trip to Parapat, Lake Toba.

Along the way, aroud 6 hours of journey,

we went to several place..

Like this



another man come in~!

that is Sepiso-piso waterfall

can't reach to the bottom since its quite far and tired!


-based on our tourguide, he got 14 wivessssss...so no wonder why his house so big..

that is the tunnel from outside world (cewahhhhh!) to enter the Palace.


next destination is to the Lake Toba

fefeeling on the boat

this is the LAKE TOBA

Another Batak's house.

i'll continue later since i got a short of time now..


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

...::: Because It's You:::...

 Dear all,

It has been awhile I haven't update anything on this blog

Not in the mood at all

too busy with my carrier

lately I'm watching korean drama


and i heard this song 

Because It's You

Don’t cry, making your heart ache
As if we’ll never see each other again
When the cold wind blows and you get lonely
You can come back to me
I loved you so much so please remember me
Know this is how I feel

Don’t forget me from your memories
Not even for a single second or moment, from your memories
I loved you to death
I miss you, I miss you

I see you, who always had a pretty smile
My heart is aching

Don’t forget me from your memories
Not even for a single second or moment, from your memories
Even when a long time passes
Because it’s you, because it’s you

Even if I grow blind
Even if this love passes by
There’s only one person, because it’s you

I miss you, I miss you so I shout out
The person I cared for crazily
I call out to you, I call out to you

I just missed someone so much :)

Nearly 2 years.. YOU